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Why Do Some People NOT Get Covid?

We've all heard of the man or woman exposed to a person or several people that never actually seems to come down with the Covid. Why? What is it that keeps them safe while others end up getting sick? 

While CofixRX can potentially limit or support someone from getting Covid, it's not exactly the same as that man or woman that seems to be fully immune to the coronavirus/es. Another thing to consider is unlike say for example pregnancy where someone either is or is not pregnant, there are no "degrees of pregnancy". Viruses and the diseases we get from them are volume dependent. The proper term is viral load actually. The actual amount of virus you get will in most cases have a direct correlation to just how sick you might get. Our friends at America Outloud explore some of this in their article here as they examine why some people get sick when exposed to coronaviruses and others do not.

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