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Keeping your nose & throat clean is the best way to reduce exposure to foreign invaders like pathogens, germs, allergens, and particulates that keep us from living our best lives.

Stay Healthy with CofixRX!

Why CofixRX ?

Do you find yourself battling illnesses and allergies?

Are you concerned with the growing number of germs and pathogens in our environment, ready to strike when you least expect it?”

Use CofixRX to help cleanse away germs to Stay Healthy

What CofixRX Customers Are Saying...

Testimonials below are from real customers.


"Thank you so much for your help… I wish I would have had your product “sooner” to give to my friend “ before“ she was around the people that she may have caught it from! I believe in your product!!! Thank you so much!
God bless."

Carol T.

"I'm glad to feel the protection of CofixRX knowing it has science-based efficacy. My order was easy to submit, arrived soon after purchasing it, and was in good condition. Thank you for your product at these ongoing uncertain times. "
Gerald A.

Anchorage AK

"I have really enjoyed CofixRX. When going out, especially to dinner, it has helped me to feel safe. I have recommended it to several of my friends. Will continue to order and recommend to others."

Patricia E.

CofixRX Products are scientifically formulated health products that harness the power of nature’s most potent ingredients to help cleanse and support the body's defenses against germs, pathogens, and particulates to help your body conquer whatever comes your way.

The CofixRX Stay Healthy Line of Products

An additional layer of protection to live your best life.

Use before and after work, school, travel, gatherings, concerts, parties and events.


Line of Products

An Additional Layer of Protection!

CofixRX Nasal Solution

CofixRX Throat Spray

Obtain peace of mind for you and for the ones you care about.

Safe & Trusted

CofixRX's Triple Action Patented Formula was developed with ingredients known for a long track record of safety and efficacy.

Peace of Mind

CofixRX products are designed to support a healthy body, great for the entire family and perfect to allow everyone to enjoy life with friends and love ones.

Better Together!

CofixRX Nasal Solution


CofixRX Throat Spray!

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