No One Likes a Dirty Nose.

Cleanse Your Nasal Passages Daily!

You brush your teeth and wash your hands to stay healthy, make cleansing your nasal passages and throat part of your
daily routine.


Better Together

Don't overlook your nose and throat in your daily cleansing routine...

Live Well With CofixRX!

CofixRX is sold and recommended by doctors and pharmacists across the country

What CofixRX Customers Are Saying...

Testimonials below are from real customers.


"Dear CofixRx,

You always do a great job. I will use the Combo #2 on my upcoming international trip."

Mary M.

"We love this product!!! We have not yet used the throat spray but we have been using the nose spray for over a year now. It truly does work!!"

Roger and Linda W.

"Thank you so much for your help… I believe in your product!!! Thank you so much!
God bless."

Carol T.

"I absolutely love your products! I’m so grateful to have them to get me through all that is going on. I am also using your throat spray. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product."

Julia K.

"I have really enjoyed CofixRX. When going out, especially to dinner, it has helped me. I have recommended it to several of my friends. Will continue to order and recommend to others."

Patricia E.

"I'm glad CofixRX has science-based efficacy. My order was easy to submit, arrived soon after purchasing it, and was in good condition. Thank you for your product at these ongoing uncertain times. "

Gerald A.

Anchorage AK

"I will buy anything that Dr. Peter McCullough recommends!

This product is wonderful, and I thank you for making it readily available to us all!

God bless you."

Daniela R.

"It works! I use this spray whenever I go out into groups and it has kept me well! I’m 77 and have been using the product since I saw Dr Mobeen Sayed talking about it!

I love the security of using this product!

Thank you."

Susan S.

CofixRX Products are scientifically formulated products that harness the power of nature’s most potent ingredients to help cleanse and support the body's hygiene.

The CofixRX Live Well Line of Products

An additional cleansing product to live your best life.

Use as a part of your daily routine for improved hygiene.


Line of Products

CofixRX Nasal Solution

CofixRX Throat Spray

Safe & Trusted

CofixRX's Patented Formula was developed with ingredients known for a long track record of safety and efficacy.

Great Hygiene

CofixRX products are designed to support good hygiene, great for the entire family and perfect to allow everyone to enjoy life with friends and love ones.

Better Together!

CofixRX Nasal Solution


CofixRX Throat Spray!

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