Long COVID, Long Haulers Syndrome – The Real Fallout

While as a company we believe we offer a unique Povidone-Iodine based nasal spray formulation that offers an amazingly effective additional option to protect and defend one’s self from viral invaders… we recognize that the larger problem with getting COVID-19 is what comes after.

Called Long COVID-19 and Long Hauler’s Syndrome, those impacted report everything from cardiac and cognitive issues to lethargy, gastrointestinal issues, clotting and much much more. The reality is most of us will get sick from COVID-19 at some point. It’s simply a truth we’ll most likely all face. The smart play is to reduce the viral load in the first place — before the impact. This reduction in viral load seems to be a big factor in helping people recover quicker with fewer long term health issues. Using CofixRX Antiviral Povidone-Iodine Nasal Spray to limit viral exposure and or reduce viral loads is simply put — pragmatic.

Here you have two great videos sharing some of the issues following a COVID-19 Illness:

Dr. Seheult of MedCram gives a COVID update on Post COVID Syndrome (“Long Haul” COVID, Long COVID Syndrome). This video was recorded on June 1, 2021 and is Update 129 in the MedCram Coronavirus Series.
Many COVID patients worldwide are dealing with long COVID. New approaches are being researched, but they can’t help everyone. Symptoms are diverse and the suffering is often not visible, and some patients feel the doctors don’t take them seriously.

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