The National Institute of Health Has Shared Some Interesting Information on the Use of Povidone Iodine Nasal Sprays in the Fight Against Covid-19

CofixRX has been of the opinion that the right formula with povidone iodine could be a phenomenal, if not revolutionary, approach to aid in the reduction of and prevention of viral transmission between one another as we go about our day-to-day routines. This link below share a doctor’s experience and study working with a povidone iodine based nasal spray.

For a professional/clinical paper it’s an easy read and well worth diving into if you’ve been wondering about the efficacy of nasal sprays in reducing transmission of not just Covid-19 but other viruses as well including influenza, hrv and even the common cold. If the NIH felt it worthy of sharing, we figure we’d help our customers track down the study.

The link is below to an article that seems to support quite well, the efficacy of Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) Oro-Nasal Spray: An Effective Shield for COVID-19 Protection for Health Care Worker (HCW), for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will CofixRX prevent me from getting sick?

CofixRX will reduce the likelihood of infection by deactivating a substantial portion of germs and pathogens. CofixRX will also reduce the chances of transmitting diseases to others.

Does CofixRX replace masks, vaccination or social distancing?

CofixRX is designed to work synergistically with masks, social distancing, vaccination and other CDC recommended mitigation efforts. CofixRX provides an additional layer of protection.

Is CofixRX approved by the FDA?

The active ingredient in CofixRX, Povidone-iodine, is FDA approved to be used in over the counter products. CofixRX does not recommend relying solely on this product for your protection.

Is CofixRX safe?

Povidone iodine, the product's active ingredient, has been used as an antiseptic by surgeons and other professionals for decades. Multiple medical studies have proven that Povidone iodine is regarded as safe and effective.

Who is this for?

CofixRX is especially useful for at-risk populations, essential workers and places where social distancing can be challenging such as hospitals, schools, airports, restaurants, shops, movie theaters, bowling alleys, family gatherings and others.

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CofixRX is a safe and effective Povidone-Iodine nasal spray proven to boost your immune system and help protect against germs and pathogens.

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