Surgery Center Requires Staff to Use CofixRX

Surgical Center UnaSource has stepped into 2022 fully aware of the need to keep staff and patients from infections. To continue their push to follow the highest standards in surgical prep and procedure, UnaSource Surgery Center is requiring surgical staff to use CofixRX prior to entering the surgical rooms. 

CofixRX is the best nasal spray for sinus infection & COVID.
Staff and patients are now being protected by CofixRX in the operating rooms

Studies have shown treating the nasopharynx with a povidone iodine nasal spray greatly reduces the transmission of germs and pathogens. Medical Professionals have always known the value of swabbing the inside of a patient’s nose with iodine prior to surgery. Treating the surgical staff simply elevates the practice of reducing viral loads to another level. 

At CofixRX, we are excited to add UnaSource to our list of employers that recognize our US made Povidone-Iodine nasal spray CofixRX is the gold standard preferred by doctors and pharmacists across the USA.

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